Monday, December 13, 2010

Decorating The Christmas Tree


For Christmas this year, the girls have a tree all to themselves.  They enjoyed the evening decorating their tree and wrapping presents.  Take a look and see what they've been up to!
Here are the girls around the Christmas tree, with their ornaments in hand.
Nancy, sitting with the presents and showing off her ornament.

Kirsten, getting ready to hang her snowflake.

Eowyn and Juanita and ready to hang their ornaments as well.

This is off topic, but I just made this dress for Nancy :)

The girls are now admiring their tree.  Josefina and Niña look on wearing their Christmas gowns and Mantillas.
More admiration of the tree.

I had to put in one last photo of my sweetie and her Mickey Mouse ornament ;)

Merry Christmas to everyone!!

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