Saturday, December 4, 2010

From Charlotte With Love


Afner and I decided to go to Charlotte on Friday night to see all the Christmas decorations.  We thought we would take Juanita along for an adventure.  This weekend, Charlotte is host to the ACC Tournament, so this is a BIG weekend for Charlotte.  We are a beautiful, clean city, and I would encourage anyone to visit.  I hope all our visitors from Virginia and Florida are enjoying themselves this weekend! 

Anyway, on to the photos...
These Christmas Balls are outside at the Wachovia Plaza.  Can you spot Juanita?

Inside the Wachovia Building, chatting it up with a reindeer.

Afner and I posed for a picture in front of the HUGE Christmas Tree in the Wachovia Building.
See if you can find Juanita!

Juanita really likes going out at Night!

This is the water fountain inside the children's park.  During the summer, the fish spit water at you.

Safety First

Here is Juanita with the Firebird.

Juanita and me with the Firebird.  Love it or hate it, the Firebird is actually awesome up close.

Juanita with another huge Christmas ball.

Welcome to the Queen City!  See the crown on the Bank of America Headquarters in the background.

This is my favorite picture from the night.  Just taking a stroll through Charlotte, the city I love.

Christmas Lights at Trade Street

Juanita picked up a copy of La Noticia for her Dad to read.
The City Christmas tree at the corner of Trade and Tryon.

I hope you enjoyed looking at these photos just as much as Afner and I enjoyed taking them :)


  1. THIS IS MY SECOND FAVORITE POST EVER! 2nd behind the one of you and your childhood dolls.

  2. Dear Allison,
    What a nice post! It´s just a great one!
    I can see very well that it was a terrific evening for the three of you! Even it was amusing to spot Juanita amidst so big balls, hahahahahahahaha!
    You can practice your Spanish reading the newspaper too!
    And I liked the big balls very much!
    Kisses from Holland.