Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dana, An Uneeda Grow Hair Doll


Recently, I bought a grab bag of goodies from my local thrift store. Inside, I found this little cutie. Her markings are "U.D. CO. INC. Made in Hong Kong". It took me just a bit of searching to learn she is Dana, a mini grow hair doll made by Uneeda.

Hi! Nice to meet you!

Here's how she works: you pull her ponytail out to make it grow. There is a bead at the base of the ponytail that locks into place around the opening of her head. When you want her hair to retract, you unclip the bead and it should retract automatically. My Dana does not automatically retract anymore, but that's okay, because the hair cord is accessible through the bottom of her foot. Just pull and voila! Her hair is short again.

The bead and the opening where it is locked in place.

Look at my foot!

Dana is not an extremely valuable doll, when doing research I found multiple mint in box examples for under $20. That does not at all detract from how fun and cute she is though! As a lover of grow hair dolls, Dana is a neat example to add to my collection.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Repairing Elise (A Work In Progress)


If you follow me on Instagram, Flickr, or are friends with me on Facebook, you've probably already figured out I got a great deal on an old Madame Alexander doll from Goodwill. I was so excited I instantly blew up all my social media with her moldy mug.


She was an almost perfect doll. She has a beautiful purple brocade (I think) dress, underthings, a rhinestone detail on her dress, and matching rhinestone earrings. Her wig is minty, with the original style, ribbon, and hair barrette intact. Her face, however,was a different story. It was awful. At first, I just thought it was some strange dirt. I washed it off but her entire face was tinged brown. I decided to try the old standby, acne cream, to try to lighten her face. After it dried, I had to use a little force to get it off. When I checked the qtip I had been using, I saw it had a slightly brown tinge, so I knew the stuff would come off. What I didn't know is how hard it would be. I had to use quite a bit of pressure on her face with a Magic Eraser. The brown stuff did indeed come off. There is still a little around her nose and eyes as it is very difficult to get in those little spaces. Of course, with the great amount of force I applied, her face paint did come off. Everyone has to make tough decisions in life. When I noticed I had rubbed a tiny bit of her eyebrow off, I had to decide whether or not to keep going. I decided the brown stuff grossed me out so bad and looked so disgusting I would sacrifice her paint. And so I did.

Getting a facial...

So pale!

After all that work, she looked quite ghastly. And not in the beautiful Evangeline way. I headed off to Walmart and procured a few $0.57 bottles of Apple Barrel paint (I know, big spender) and a set of brushes. Brushes specifically for doll making. I'm not joshing, check our your local Walmart, they have paint brushes for people like me. Anyway, I'm not exactly satisfied or dissatisfied with her. It is the first time I've ever repainted a that I've publicly shared at least. It was most difficult to paint the cheeks. I used a foam brush (not doll specific, boo), and dabbed a little bit on, then "blended" it into her cheek with my finger, just like you'd do with your own blush. It turned out okay. Now I'm working on getting her outfit clean. Stay tuned this week for the finished product!


            After repainting her face                                                                 The dress                                              

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Test Post From Mobile Blogger


I'm testing the Blogger App, hopefully it goes well!
This summer I have been on a quest to acquire every American Girl of The Year Doll. My personal rule is that I will not pay more than $60 for any doll. I prefer to buy large lots and sell most of them so I end up with the doll for free. This has been fairly successful this summer, with the exception of Nicki. I got her with quite messy hair.

To fix her hair, I carefully brushed it out in sections, then twisted it into place.

Once all the sections were twisted up, I used my iron on the highest setting and steamed her hair...quite a bit. Never let the iron touch the hair though! After I was done, I took her hair down, and although it doesn't look like it did from the factory, I still think she looks awfully darn cute.