Friday, February 22, 2013



I have never had much of an affinity for Sasha dolls, but I have always had an affinity for high-quality foreign dolls, so when my chance came up to own a Sasha, I could not turn it down.

My Sasha

This is the Sasha I acquired, practically mint in box. So, how did this acquisition occur? My New Year's Resolution has been to raise enough money on eBay to pay for a vacation to Disneyland this summer, so I have been trolling Craigslist for deals. I came across a lady who used to run a doll hospital, and she was selling all of her stuff. Most of the stuff was in terrible shape, but this one diamond in the rough was there. I couldn't resist, so I took home a car FULL of funky smelling dolls, boxes full of eyes, tattered clothes, twenty-something patterns, and my new Sasha. Luckily, I have nearly liquidated the remainder of the doll hospital, and thus ended up with Sasha for free.

I must say, I don't love her hair, but I like her quality. She's quite solid and heavy, and her little dress is cute. The skin tone is also very unique.
The front page of the Sasha Booklet
The Story of Sasha

I don't know that I would buy other Sashas in the future, but I will definitely keep this one. She's a fun doll to add to my collection. 

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