Sunday, November 28, 2010

New Jeans


After much consideration, I realized I have been focused solely on American Girls for the past few months, and the JP girls have gotten no attention!  In fact, they haven't even gotten any new clothes since they arrived.  I thought it would be appropriate for them to have jeans to wear, since it is now fall and the weather is getting colder and colder.  I tried for several hours to make jeans, and failed.  Then, finally, I arrived at the perfect pattern!
Chalky, Juanita, and Eowyn modeling their new denim.

Close up.  Chalky's jeans are a light denim, with hemmed bottoms.  Juanita has light denim with distressed bottoms.  Eowyn has a dark wash denim with distressed bottoms.

The girls taking a walk through the leaves.

The girls are borrowing sweaters from their American Girl cousins.  They don't quite fit right, but they look pretty cute anyway.  The next thing I need to learn to do is knit, so I can make them proper, homemade sweaters :)

Here is a slideshow of all the photos Afner took this afternoon:

My Newest "Doll"


My suegra bought me a little stove for Josie, so I went to put it in her room, and this is what I saw:

It was none other than Sorsha, the World's Most Spoiled Cat.  I'm pretty sure she's been eyeballing this bedroom for awhile, because everytime I would open the doors to the doll house, she would run towards it.  She knocked Josie out of bed, and completely wrecked up her room!

Poor Josie :(

Well, like I said, Sorsha is the World's Most Spoiled Cat.  Here she is today, in her new bed.  I moved Josie upstairs for a slumber party with Addy until Sorsha gets tired of this.  Notice the new stove on the right.  It lights up and everything!  I will get it installed properly once this cat gets out of Josie's room...

Sunday, November 21, 2010

My 2 Favorite Girls in Costa Rica


This post is a little bit late, but I just got back my pictures from Costa Rica.  We forgot to take our camera, so we had to buy a disposable camera and take photos "the old fashioned way."  I finally had them developed, and they are definitely not as high quality as with the good camera, but they still came out okay.

Here they are, my sweet girls at Playa Hermosa.  Hopefully when we return to Costa Rica next summer, we will get some better photos.  I want to take some photos in Afner's hometown of Grecia with my girls.  I tried to find a traditional Costa Rican outfit for my girls to wear, but the only doll sized items they had were $40!!  I will try to make something for them before we return.  Maybe a soccer shirt :-D