Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spring Break!


Spring break is finally here!  I did lots of fun stuff to celebrate, but most notably, I met a new friend and her gorgeous Nancy doll.  She also made my Nancy a matching outfit, which you can see below in the picture.  The blue trim looks sooooo good with the color of Nancy's eyes.  I just love it.  It is really, really well made, and she even has a tag inside.  Please visit her Etsy Shop and check out all her custom creations.
This is the photo I submitted for the Nancy Contest.

The Famosa Folks have been running a contest for 60's themed photos of Nancy dolls.  This is the photo I submitted, with the caption, "First there was Nancy, then there was a man on the moon..." (in Spanish, of course).  You can see my little Treasure wearing the new outfit that Diana made.  Just gorgeous!  My piernas flexibles is wearing a printed dress that I hastily (and wrecklessly) stitched together, and Francie is wearing a BFC Ink dress.  The girls are supposed to be watching the moon landing on tv.  I doubt very seriously that I will win, as there are lots of good other photos, but if I do, I sure hope I can find someone in Spain to ship the prize to.  That will be Afner's job.

Before all that fun stuff happened though, Afner and I took a trip thrifting through Charlotte.  I brought Nancy along and took some fun photos.  Here they are:

Nancy, outside ImaginON.

Standing in front of a brick fountain.
Can you spot Nancy?
Me and Nancy inside the skull.

Nancy con un libro clasico.
Simplemente la mas bonita :)

I hope you've enjoyed these photos.  We certainly enjoyed taking them.  Stay tuned for news to come about new AG goodies!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Farmhouse Bed for the Nancy Girls


Ever since I saw this, I knew I had to build one.  It was only a matter of time until I convinced my brother to cut the wood for me.  I feel okay doing everything except using that table saw. 
My brother, ready to be helpful.  I'm sorry ladies, he's taken.

Considering this was the first wooden thing I've ever built in my entire life, I was pretty darn proud of myself.  It didn't take too long.
A proud moment as the headboard was almost completed.

We finished putting the whole thing together and I brought it home. 
The naked bed.

Then, I made a mattress and pillow for the bed.  I luckily had some old ticking material from my Great-Grandmother's sewing materials that was perfect sized for a mattress.
Mattress and Pillow

Next, I added the super cute little quilt I bought in Costa Rica.  I didn't know how I would use it when I bought it, but I'm sure glad I had the foresight to do it.  I love this precious frog!

And finally, the girls get to try the bed out.  It turned out much larger than I anticipated.  Even though I read all the measurements and am a math teacher, etc.  The cool thing is, there is plenty of room for all 3 girls!  When are you going to get us some pajamas?

Night Night!

The bed was super easy and really quick to make.  The materials were also very cheap.  I highly recommend it.  I'm going to paint this one white at some point, but I was just so excited I had to share it immediately.  I hope you enjoyed!