Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dana, An Uneeda Grow Hair Doll


Recently, I bought a grab bag of goodies from my local thrift store. Inside, I found this little cutie. Her markings are "U.D. CO. INC. Made in Hong Kong". It took me just a bit of searching to learn she is Dana, a mini grow hair doll made by Uneeda.

Hi! Nice to meet you!

Here's how she works: you pull her ponytail out to make it grow. There is a bead at the base of the ponytail that locks into place around the opening of her head. When you want her hair to retract, you unclip the bead and it should retract automatically. My Dana does not automatically retract anymore, but that's okay, because the hair cord is accessible through the bottom of her foot. Just pull and voila! Her hair is short again.

The bead and the opening where it is locked in place.

Look at my foot!

Dana is not an extremely valuable doll, when doing research I found multiple mint in box examples for under $20. That does not at all detract from how fun and cute she is though! As a lover of grow hair dolls, Dana is a neat example to add to my collection.

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