Tuesday, September 14, 2010

$5 Nancy Famosa


I got lucky and found a $5 Nancy doll at Goodwill!  This is my second Nancy from Goodwill.  I'm really lucky that Americans don't know about or like Nancy, because I bought both Nancys for under $10.  When I got her, the spring inside her body was stretched VERY badly and the poor girl was flopping all over the place.

See how she just flops over?  Well, I immediately went to Lowe's and bought a new spring.  But the new spring was too tight and her head kept popping off!  There was a little wire inside the body which held the head on tight.  I cut apart a metal clothes hanger and wrapped it around the piece that goes into her head to serve as an anchor...and ta da!

Here she is, able to stand up and hold her head up high!

Here is a close-up of her pretty face.  I think she needs some lip paint touch up.  She has a little cupid's bow rub.

She came in this awful blue dress.  I detest it.  I'm working on my sewing skills, so I will try to make her a new, cuter outfit soon.

I'm not sure about what Nancy she is, or what year, or anything like that, because I'm new to Nancy dolls, but I do know she is just adorable :)