Thursday, July 29, 2010

Costa Rica + Munecas


I am just writing a quick update here from Costa Rica.  After the first day in Costa Rica, my boyfriend told me he had a surprise for me.  He told me to close my eyes, and he handed me a bag.  I opened my eyes and looked inside and this is what it was:

A new Juanita Perez!!  Isn't he the best boyfriend ever?!!  He had a friend in Mexico City go to 3 different Palacio de Hierra stores to find a Juanita Perez that did not have blue eyes.  You probably can't tell from the picture, but this sweet girl has GRAY eyes.  Very pretty, and very different :)

Of course, I brought Juanita, along with Kirsten, with us to Playa Hermosa.  Here are some photos of the girls playing at the beach, taken from a cell phone camera:

Kirsten, playing around the lava rocks

Juanita, with beach hair :)


  1. Poor little girl got beach hair.

  2. Pretty dolls.
    Juanita is beautiful :)

  3. Nice collection...I knew about American Girl and i saw in ebay many different dresses and complements for them...I´m from Spain and i began collecting my childhood doll: Nancy but i love many oders...From USA i love Giggles dolls by Ideal Toy and Effanbees ( the American childs designed from Dewees Cochran ) I´ve seen you have a beautiful 80´s Nancy called " piernas flexibles ":enjoy her: is a treassure...Kind Regards from Barcelona...

  4. Dear Allison,
    This entry is just a great one! Congratulations!!!!!!
    Your new Juanita Pérez is so beautiful!
    And what a lovely gift with added value coming from your kind boyfriend!
    It´s just great!

    Have a nice stay at Costa Rica and improve your Spanish also, hahahaha!

    Hughs and kisses from Holland.

  5. Wooow! I had never seen a Juanita with gray eyes!!! Congratulations for geting such a weird one!!!! And I'm sure she's amazingly beautiful!!
    Hope you're enjoying your time in Costa Rica!
    Hugs from Mexico!!

  6. Thanks everyone :) I sure do love her!