Monday, June 28, 2010

The American Girl Jackpot


Right before I left for my weeklong Disney World vacation (which was awesome, by the way), I found an ad on Craiglist selling Addy and her collection.  I asked the lady to send me some pictures of what she had, and she sent me a small sample.  In the sample, I saw Addy's Patriotic Dress (very hard to find), and her Limited Edition Stilting Outfit from 1998 (also hard to find).  These two outfits alone were worth $200, so after some conversation, I convinced my mom to make an "investment" and go pick up the stuff while I was gone, and pay $300 for it.  I was so glad she did.

14 AGOT Outfits and Accessories

When I got home from Disney World on Saturday night, I immediately started going through the trunk and was very pleased.  There were 14 American Girl of Today outfits, and 11 Addy specific outfits, not to mention the accessories, which are highly sought after (read: expensive) in the collector world.  Of course, the doll, her trunk, and her bed were also included.

Addy's Bed, and some various accessories

The best part was, this lady had taken VERY good care of this stuff when she was young.  Almost every outfit was complete, with no missing accessories.  There were no stains, rips, tears, or anything that I could find.  Normally I wash everything I get, but this stuff was so clean, I did not even bother.  Most of the outfits looked like they had never even been put on the doll.

11 Addy Outfits.  The Patriotic Outfit is in the bottom right, and the stilting outfit is in the 2nd row, and is purple with wooden stilts.

There was also a very cute story the girl had written about her Addy doll, that I found in the secret compartment in the trunk.  Just for fun, I'll share it: 

"Addy was born on December 25, 1995.  Her mother Tori Miller was overjoyed.  Tori took good care of Addy and loved her very very much.  Tori took Addy everywhere she went.  Tori loves to spend her money on Addy.  Addy loves her mom dearly.  Addy has accessories coming out of her eye balls.  Addy has 11 pairs of clothes.  She has a bed and 3 pairs of shoes.  She has 5 hats.  Tori bought Addy a school set and teaches her well.  Addy also has a supply of magazines.  Addy adores her beautiful house in Toledo, Ohio.  Addy also has a cute puppy named Buford!  Addy enjoys reading and a lot of different things.  Tori enjoys fixing up Addy's beautiful hair.  Addy loves playing with her 6 adorable cousins.  Addy loves her father Stephen Urkele.  He's funning and loving with a warm smile.  Addy is 2 year old going on 56.  Haha!  For Addy's 1st birthday we had a big party.  It was fun.  When Tori travels, Addy goes with her."
I typed it exactly as it was written, with grammatical errors.  And I really hope Stephen Urkele is Urkele from Family Matters.  That would be just great.  I'm keeping the story in the trunk with the accessories.  It's almost a shame she sold the doll, because it's very obvious that she loved her.

I went through everything in the trunk, and am now selling off duplicates of my collection on eBay.  Some of these are the AGOT outfits and a few of the Addy outfits, and the Addy doll.  To check out my listings on eBay, go here.

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