Monday, March 11, 2013

My Licca Dolls


I must admit, I'm quite in love with Japan's Licca doll line. I have several of them which I purchased in Costa Rica, but you can find them reasonably priced on eBay from Japanese sellers. Licca has been around since 1967, and she is very popular in Japan, comparable to Barbie here in the States. Licca has a cute back story, and she also has some friends and family members.

Licca is 11 years old, and has twin sisters, Miki and Maki (my favorites), and a set of baby triplet siblings. Her mother is a fashion designer and her father is described as "kind". She also has a grandmother.
My little Licca Family

Gen, Miki, and Maki

Two Liccas, and a vintage, unknown doll

The vintage doll is wearing a Licca dress and shoes, but I'm not sure who she is. She's marked Shiba and from what I can tell, Shiba started making the original Takara I am just satisfied and will say she is a vintage Licca or Licca-like doll. Her legs are very loose and she is difficult to pose. The newer Liccas actually pose in a very neat way. Their arms and legs don't click or have ball joints, but they are pliable, and will stay in whichever position you want them.

I hope I can get one of the cute Licca play sets, perhaps the Mister Donut set:
Isn't it to DIE for??!

Maybe if I get this set, I can take some better pictures :) Liccas are such fun dolls, and they are accessibly priced, so I would definitely recommend adding one (or a few) to your collection!

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