Sunday, June 21, 2015

Making A Wig


Today, I tried my hand at making a lambskin wig. There is a great tutorial that I used at this site: . It's very easy to follow and even includes patterns. To be sure the pattern I was using was the correct size, I made a felt cap first:

The felt cap

The cap was slightly tight, so when I cut my wool pieces, I just went about 1/4 inch outside the pattern pieces. The hardest part for me was visualizing which direction the hair was supposed to flow on each piece of wool. Here is my finished product:
What do you think?

It's nowhere near perfect, but I'm relatively pleased considering it's the first one I've ever made. I want to tame it down a little, so I'm going to research the best way to do that. I also bought 2nd quality wool for this project, as I didn't know how difficult it would be, and wanted to test it out before spending more on higher quality material. I would say it was easy, and go for it if you want to give it a try!

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  1. Looks good for first attempt. A few more practice wigs and you will be on your way to creating wigs for Pasha Pasha, Ateliers, Smart Dolls and the infamous Popovy Sisters dolls.