Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tonner's Rose's Dinner With Jack


I am not a Titanic the movie fact, I rather dislike the movie.  My bitterness no doubt stems from high school, when my best friend and I actually launched an anti-Titanic campaign.  Our reason was that Titanic surpassed Star Wars in ticket sales, and we just could not accept that a movie which was so clearly inferior could beat our beloved Star Wars.  So how did I end up with a Rose doll from the movie that makes me want to retch?  Yard sale, of course.
Here she is, all flaws out in the open.

She was kept in a storage building.  The guy having the yard sale told me that he buys storage buildings (he also claimed to have invented the show Storage Wars, but I have my doubts), and he found some dolls in one.  I also bought a vintage Ginny Walker doll and some Madame Alexanders, purely for resale.    Because of her climate, her wig had come loose, and her arms were hanging at her sides.  I bought some doll string, which by the way, is the best investment I've ever made.  I've repaired about a dozen dolls already that have just been sitting around here waiting for something to be reattached.  I used Loctite to reglue her wig.  Otherwise she was in good condition.

Reassembled, and dressed.

Now, I feel it's important to note that this Rose is different from the Franklin Mint Rose.  The FM Rose is shorter at 16", while this Rose is 18".  FM Rose has an open mouth, and this Rose has a closed mouth.  The dress of this Rose is also higher quality than the same dress that was created for the FM Rose.  

Closed mouth Rose.  That's right, I'm stepping out on Billy Zane.

Back view of dress detail.

As a doll, Rose is quite pretty, but since I cannot separate the doll from the movie, she is on the auction block.  I'm hoping that she sells, because I am in the process of building an entire Hogwarts, and the extra money would help me provide "scholarships" to bring more students.  Let's cross our fingers for a future post about wins that scholarship!

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