Wednesday, May 16, 2012

City Girls


Okay, I'm definitely running out of creative blog titles.  It's so hard to come up with them!  At any rate, I bought an outfit from Lemieux Doll Boutique for my Corinne doll, who is not exactly new to my clan, but is fairly new and was feeling neglected.  I fell in love with this outfit with the cityscape on the skirt. How cute is it??
Corinne in Pink Sky at Night

And yes, it came with those fab boots too, which is good, since Corinne came to me in the buff straight from  Well, I couldn't leave well enough alone and decided to see if Ellowyne could wear it.  Here are the surprising results:
She looks amazing!  Well, except for all those flyaways that show up so prominently in the light.

So, who wore it better?  Vote in the poll and let me know!


  1. Great Post Baby! Glad you are back on the game :)

  2. I am voting for Corinne. It goes better with her hair and I like the boots best.