Saturday, February 25, 2012

Fashion Week (Well, Sort Of)


Since my last post, I have some new acquisitions that I wanted to share.  I'm very excited!  There were quite a few Nancy items posted on US eBay in the past few weeks, and I was lucky enough to win some.

I think this Buy It Now beauty is a Nancy Fiesta.  I found her on US eBay for a very attractive BIN price, and she was listed with several other dolls, so I got quite the bargain as I resold the others.  She was very dirty, but I cleaned her and her hair is in great condition.  The shoes she's wearing are Juanita Perez shoes.

Vintage Flores dress.  I just love this dress in person, it looks so good on her!

Vintage Tennis outfit.  The tennis racquet has a red string on the back that looks like the original string it was tied into the package with, but I'm not sure so I haven't removed it.  Doesn't she look sporty?

I found this little cutie at a local thrift store.  It's funny because I had wanted a Barriguitas doll but did not want to pay the shipping from Europe, then I found one!

So this post was more to brag than anything, but here it is!


  1. Love the photo shoot backdrop! Fashion week indeed!

  2. Hi Allison,
    What a great new collection of fantastic Famosa´s dolls and outfits you have now! Congratulations! All the pics are great! And I really love this cute Barriguitas!
    Greetings from a pre-spring Holland!