Monday, January 16, 2012

Sarchi, Costa Rica


Sarchi is a town in Costa Rica that is very famous for making ornate oxcarts.  It is right next to my husband's hometown, Grecia, so we spent a few hours shopping there on our last trip.

The oxcarts that Sarchi is so famous for are a very important national symbol of Costa Rica.  They have been handmade there for over a century, and they helped build the country because they were used for transporting coffee to the market.  The oxcarts are very beautiful, and colorful.  I couldn't bring an oxcart back this time, but I did get a nice orange tray for serving food that looks really nice.

One of the artisans, painting an oxcart wheel.

The famous oxcart "factory", if you can call it a factory.  See if you can find Nancy!

Nancy, with one of the oxcarts.  This one had a design with toucans and tropical birds.  Unfortunately, I have not yet seen a toucan while I was in Costa Rica.  Maybe next time.
Another oxcart photo.

If you ever visit Costa Rica, be sure to visit the town of Sarchi.  They have lots of other beautiful handcrafted items in addition to oxcarts, and you won't be disappointed!


  1. Great Post! I am glad Nancy had some fun.

  2. Hi, Allison,
    Great pics! And thanks a lot for explaining this beautiful tradition of Costa Rica, I didn´t know anything about it before, but now I find it very interesting and full of color!
    I see you Nancy had a great time during the journey!
    Kisses from Holland.