Thursday, March 10, 2011

Kirsten's Room


Kirsten is one of my top four favorite dolls of all.  I received her as a "graduation" gift when I finished fourth grade.  I waited everyday for the UPS man to come and bring me Kirsten.  Since the day she was delivered to my 9 year old arms, I have loved her.  Wow, I just realized I've had her almost 20 years.  I've been working on her room a lot lately, and I'm finally ready to share my progress.
A view of the entire room

My doll houses are made from Ikea Pax wardrobes.  They have just the right depth and size for my girls and their belongings.  The walls of the wardrobe were white, so I covered them with woodgrain Contact paper.  That was actually much easier than the wallpapering I did on Addy's and Felicity's rooms (more to come on them later).  Sam, Molly, and Josefina still need wallcoverings, so I have been looking around for nice designed Contact paper.  
Left side close-up

Most of the stuff here is Pleasant Company original, but I have added a few things.  The blue shelf on the wall is a Goodwill find ($1), and can you believe it was already painted Kirsten blue?  Lucky me :)  To hang it up, I used adhesive velcro.  Yep, it works.  I just velcroed the shelf onto the wall, and it has been hanging for several months with no sign of drooping.  I've got her carpet bag and her sewing hoop hanging from the peg on the shelf.  The other thrift find is the wooden shelf complete with heart cut-out (also $1).  It's amazing how I see things and think of which girl's room they would look good in.  I bought some blue paint to paint the shelf, but I actually think I like the wood color and am going to leave it that way.  Some of her various knick knacks are on the shelf.

Right side close-up

It's a little cramped in her room with her table and chairs and full party spread, but I still think it looks cute.  The little plate in the middle is a mini my novio found in Costa Rica for me.  It's the perfect size for strawberries!

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  1. Hi Allison,
    This is such a cozy and beautiful room!
    And indeed, Ikea´s furniture is great for becoming a dolls paradise, like this little one is!
    Everything is very nice and I´m sure your lovely Kirsten plays and rests in her room a lot!
    Kisses from Holland...
    I do remember that in the future we´ll make change some clothes, but I ask you to have patience, for I have lots of things to do before...
    By the way, have you seen the website from the store "El corte inglés" (it´s a Spanish store just like Macys), and they sell Nancy dolls and send them all over the world... maybe it´s a good tip for you.

  2. LOVE Kirsten's little room! I think it's awesome that you found the two shelves that go so well along with her other stuff! I'm sure she's happy!

  3. Hi Julieta,
    Let me know when you are ready to trade clothes. I understand being busy, I feel like I'm busy all the time! Don't worry, I'm very patient :)

    I checked El corte ingles, and it seems that maybe they will ship here. Thank you for the tip!