Friday, March 4, 2011

Francie's Debut (Warning: Pic Heavy)


For Afner's 30th birthday, I surprised him with a weekend getaway to Myrtle Beach.  I finished Francie's reroot the night before we left, so I thought it would be fitting to bring her with us to the beach to photograph her for her debut.  Without further delay, here she is:

I rerooted her using Kanekelon hair.  The color was called 27.  It matches great with her lip paint and her freckles and eyebrows.  I'm very pleased.

Greetings from the Boardwalk at Myrtle Beach!

Francie Visiting the Boardwalk

Francie and I don't know which is scarier, Tsunamis or Fireworks Prohibited.

Afner and I took Francie to a restaurant so she could have some French Fries.

After lunch, we visited the beach.  Before I left home, I realized Francie didn't have a swimsuit.  I made her this fashionable black swimsuit from an old sock.  Pretty cute, huh?

Francie enjoys searching for shells

I hope you have enjoyed Francie's debut photo journal.  You will hear more from her in the near future.  Hugs from Myrtle Beach!


  1. Oh. My. Goodness! I LOVE this post! Hahaha she looks so great at the beach! I LOVE her hair! And, I LOVE her sock bathing suit... too cute!

  2. Dear Allison,
    What a beautiful doll Francie is! She´s... trés belle !
    Congratulations. You made a great job rerooting such nice hair! She looks so well!!!!
    And it looks also that you had a very nice day at the beach!
    Kisses from a still cold Holland.

  3. Nice job!! She is beautiful :)


  4. Thank you Julieta and Maria for the kind comments :)