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Nikki Britt Resin Dolls: A Complete Guide Part 2 (YOSD)


With special thanks to Janice Scott for her collaboration 

Dolls created by sculptor Nikki Britt have become one of the most coveted brands in today’s doll collecting community. As new collectors continue to discover her work, naturally, many questions arise about them. This guide is meant to answer many of those questions, with an explanation of her types of dolls, prices of her dolls, and of course, what everyone wants to know, how to get one of her precious creations.

In attempt to make this guide more digestible, I will break it into 3 parts: MSD size, YOSD size, and Tiny size.

My Adeline, enjoying the beach

Currently, Nikki has released 2 sculpts in YOSD size. They are known as Adeline and Peppermint Annie. The resin colors for these dolls is peppermint green, apricot, fair, and opaque (vanilla?). Peppermint Annie has almost the same facial sculpt as the MSD Pepper Annie, just in a YOSD size. The resin colors and characters known are as follows:

Resin Color
Character Name
Quantity Known
Adeline King
1 Known
Adeline King
Est. 10 show dolls, Preordered 01/31/17 - 02/01/17 in an open edition with a limited ordering window
Peppermint Annie
Peppermint Annie
Estimated 40, event doll for MDCC 2016 ($150 registration plus $625 purchase price for the meal event and doll)
Mini Pepper Annie
Light apricot
Mini Pepper Annie
7 sold at MDCC 2016, preordered on 4/10/2017 (edition unknown) ($850 for an artist edition, $650 for a factory edition)
Peter Pan
Peter Pan
Estimated 60, event doll for MDCC 2017 ($150 registration for MDCC plus $625 purchase price for the doll)

Adeline King was the first doll Nikki introduced, by showing collectors via her Facebook page her work in progress photos. She was first made available for sale at IDTS 2016, in a nude, basic edition for $650. This is where I purchased my Adeline, who Nikki said had a resin color of opaque. There were 2 other Adeline’s available there, if memory serves me correctly, they were both apricot colored (she may have said they were fair, I sadly cannot remember). Later in 2016, several full set Adeline’s were available for purchase from Nikki’s table at MDCC, and these had the apricot colored resin. The price charged for these Adeline’s was $775. Adeline is scheduled to preorder in December of 2016, and there will be artist full sets available as well as basic factory dolls. The pricing for these dolls is yet to be seen.

Janice's OOAK Adeline from MDCC 2016

My Adeline, from IDTS 2016

Also at MDCC 2016, Nikki had an event called “Down the Storyhole”. The event doll was Peppermint Annie, and each one is an OOAK artist edition, fully customized by Nikki. The cost for the event, which included the doll, was $650. For about 2 months prior to the event, MDCC organizers opened the event to absentee registrants. If you could not physically attend MDCC, you could still register as an absentee for $150, and then register for Nikki’s event to receive Peppermint Annie. This is how I acquired mine.

My Peppermint Annie

As if there weren’t enough dolls to make your heart skip a beat, Nikki’s centerpiece dolls for her event were Mini Pepper Annie’s. The price for these centerpiece dolls was $850, and they were each OOAK created by Nikki. They will be available for preorder, as either artist full sets or factory basic sets early in 2017.

Janice's Mini Pepper Annie

For MDCC 2017, Nikki will be the featured artist. The cost to attend is $150, and the cost of the doll is $625. Based on that cost, we believe the event doll will also be YOSD sized. This is a great opportunity for someone who has been wanting a special Nikki doll to get one. I will update and confirm more details once they release pictures of the souvenir doll.

Here is a size chart for those of you waiting on a YOSD:

Wig Size
Eye Size
14 mm
Shoe Size
38mm x 17 mm fit well, can also use Littlefee
10" from head to toe
2.5 including the arms
About 1 5/8 " across
About 5 1/8 across belly button 
Clothing Size
Wears Littlefee clothing

You are in luck if you love Nikki’s YOSD sized dolls, as they are scheduled for her next two preorders. Don’t miss out, as her preorders often sell within minutes. If you want purchase one, I advise that you be ready, at your computer, with payment information in hand, at the moment the dolls go live. The faster you can get the doll in your cart, the better the chance you have. Once you have checked out, the doll is yours! If you want an artist full set, Nikki takes orders through her Facebook page. There are a limited number of those available, since she customizes each one herself, but they are not out of reach. You can drop her a message when she makes them available and you have a good chance at getting one. Best of luck to everyone and I can’t wait to see your pictures once these girls start coming home!

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