Sunday, July 24, 2016

Little Darlings Artist Lana Dobbs


My newest Little Darling is from artist Lana Dobbs. I placed my order with her back in March of 2014 and received my doll in May of 2016...a two year and two month wait. But it was so worth it! 
My Ginny, painted by Lana Dobbs

Lana's painting style is one that gets lots of realistic colors into the dolls eyes. While most of my other Little Darlings have different hues of the same general color, Lana somehow blends various iris colors together to make a very realistic eye.
You can see yellows, greens, and browns all in her eyes.

The eyelash and eyebrow painting is very delicate and fine, even more so than some of the other artists. I can't even imagine how she gets a brush stroke so thin on the the doll's brow. 

The lips also are a little darker and fuller than some of the other dolls I have. I think this gives her a more mature look, so I see her as "older" than some of my other Little Darlings. 

I think a good way to sum up the way I feel about Lana's dolls is they are very realistic. If you get a chance to stare into someone else's eyes (or even your own eyes in the mirror), you will see the different flecks of colors that occur naturally in the human eye. Lana is able to capture this feel with her painting style, which I think makes her dolls so highly coveted.

Join me in the next post for a close up look at Joyce Mathews' painting style!

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