Monday, July 13, 2015

Costa Rican Clay Dolls


I am in Costa Rica at the moment visiting in-laws. Yesterday, we visited the Volcan Poas, and of course, the accompanying gift shop. I discovered some cute and unique clay dolls there, so I wanted to share with a short post. 

At first, I thought the dolls were made of wood and that the clothing was cloth, as many beautiful handicrafts here are made of wood. When I picked one up, however, I realized they were completely made of clay, except for the hair.
Close up of a clay doll with traditional Costa Rican costume

A more colorful doll, painted to resemble the traditional and colorful oxcarts

The dolls are designed to represent the culture of Costa Rica, and they do that as well as a doll can. Read more about them from the info card:

I really liked these dolls but at a whopping price tag of $25 for the smallest doll, I had to pass. Tomorrow, we head to Playa Coco, and if I encounter some for a better price, I'm sure one will be making its way back home with me. 


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