Monday, October 17, 2011

New Nancys


Today, my newest shipment of Nancys arrived.  Yay!!

Two Ion Fiz, Two Nancy en Cole, Two Nancy Novias, One Nancy Gold, and One Nancy Espejos

I was very excited to receive the new shipment of Nancys today, thanks to El Corte Ingles.  My friend and I placed a large order so that we could ship the 50 Euro shipping cost, which works out really well for us.  Nancy Ion Fiz is just STUNNING in real life.  I love her!  The Nancy Gold was made in China, and I am very disappointed with the quality.  The panties are not even sewn together all the way in the bottom.  I will take more photos later of this quality issue, but I hate that for the trouble the quality is so bad.

In heaven!

Do you have Nancy Ion Fiz?  How do you feel about her?  How do you feel about the quality of the new Nancys?  I definitely am not a fan, but they are still cute girls.


  1. Dear Allison,
    Congratulations, I can imagine your friend and yourself so happy when opening such a new collection of very nice dolls!
    If the quality of the one you told us about, write to Famosa, for it´s fine to let them know when one of their products do not satisfy the desired quality! And if you google "", you can comment in English also!
    I really like more the "classical" version... but I´m very happy for you!
    Kisses from Holland.

  2. Alison, I just found your blog,your dolls are lovely, I am delighted with Nancy Ion Fiz and the bride, have very good quality as that of communion and the first Nancy.
    a greeting from Spain

  3. Hi Allison!! You're already a great nancy's collector!! I love the Ion Fiz and the bride although I have none of them and I don't think I will have. They are quite expensive!!
    Enjoy all your shopping!!
    Kisses from Spain.

  4. Super cute girls! I find a lot of doll clothes have quality issues too-it's so disappointing when that happens.