Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Top 10 Wishlist


So how could somebody with so many dolls possibly want more, you ask? Well, here is a sampling of dolls that I do not currently own, but would like to own :)

1. Black Tressy doll. This is a very hard to find doll from the Crissy family. She was a Sears exclusive doll. The last one I saw sell on eBay sold for $480. Yeah. So maybe in 10 years I'll have one.

2. Black Cinnamon doll. This doll is also a little harder to come by from the Crissy family. In the past two months, I saw one sell on eBay for $200, and one sold for $95 (you can see both of these dolls at

3. Juanita Perez doll from Mexico. She reminds me a lot of the American Girl dolls, but the Mexican version. She is very cute and vinyl, and I'm actually working on getting her now. The language barrier is a little difficult, but I have some friends helping me out :) You can see her at

4. The old Juanita Perez doll from Mexico. She was made in the 70's, and I'd like to have the older version of her as well. I have only seen one for sale since I started looking, and it was on MercadoLibre. It had already sold, and for only $20 :( Oh well, if they made one, they made a hundred.

5. Kirsten Larsen's entire Pleasant Company collection. I have several of her dresses, but nowhere near a complete collection. She was always my favorite, so I feel like I should complete her.

6. Any old Jumeau doll. They are just incredible. Also incredibly expensive.

7. The #1 Barbie. Need I say more?

8. The Engel-Puppen Alice in Wonderland doll from Epcot--Germany. She is just too cute. She's also about $180, which is more than I'm generally willing to part with in one place when I'm at Disney World.

9. Cathie de Bella doll from France. She is a really pretty doll made in France in the 70's and maybe 80's (I haven't done a lot of research about her). She sells on French eBay from anywhere around $14 USD to $100 USD. I have been watching them a lot, and am just waiting for the right auction price and shipping price combo. For some reason, it costs a LOT to ship things from France.

10. A Kenner Blythe doll. They have become very popular (and very expensive) in the past few years, and it's just a doll I'd like to have an example of in my collection.

Eventually, I will have all of these dolls. I might be 40 years old, but they will be mine :)

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  1. I want a Blythe doll, too. They have cute patterns of things to knit for her!