Saturday, April 30, 2016

Little Darlings Artist Helen Skinner


The first two Little Darlings I acquired are my sister dolls, Anna and Elsa (yes), that I purchased directly from Helen Skinner at IDS back in 2014. I had every intent of only buying one, but when I saw both of them, I knew I had to had to have them. 
Elsa and Anna - Elsa's dress by Darling Little Bee and Anna's by Jazzy Fran

Helen's painting style gives the dolls a more mature look, in my opinion. My Elsa almost looks contemplative, while my Anna reminds me of a sassy teenager.
Close-up of Elsa's face 

Helen's eye painting is deep...almost as if the eyes hold the secrets of things they have seen. The pupils and irises are more defined than some of the other artists', which may be what gives me the sense that these dolls are more mature than my other, more child-like Little Darlings. Elsa's lips are also very pronounced, while her eyelashes and eyebrows are very delicate. 
Close-up of Anna's face 

Now take a look at my Anna doll. Her freckles are absolutely perfect and natural looking. They are all different sizes, and blend in so perfectly with her face you would think the vinyl had to be made that way in the factory. On this doll, the eyebrows are more pronounced while the lips take the background. As with Elsa, Anna's eyes make her look older than my other Little Darlings from other artists. I think if you were looking for a doll to wear the latest fashions and trendy outfits, Helen would be a great artist to choose because her painting style really creates a depth to the eyes. And after all, the eyes are the windows to the soul. 

In the next post, we'll take a look at a Little Darling painted by Lana Dobbs.

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