Sunday, August 25, 2013

Disney Fairytale Designer Collection Dolls


Last night, my husband and I were out at the mall so I could buy some new pants for work. As is tradition, I have to go to the Disney Store to see what kinds of new and neat things they have. Much to my delight (and my wallet's disdain), they have a new set of collector's dolls. They are called the Disney Fairytale Designer Collection, and they include a 12 inch Prince along with an 11.5 inch Princess. The placard at the display said "Ask a cast member for assistance". I could have just left it at that, but no. I needed to know how much they were, and if they had any Snow Whites left. So I went to the cashier and asked. For a sum of $130, I could have the VERY LAST SET of Snow White and her Prince they had available in store. Groan. I'm ashamed to admit what a sucker for limited editions I am.

The Happy Couple

The dolls do come in a very nice, very sturdy acrylic ( I think) case. So sturdy in fact, I couldn't really figure out how to open it without destroying something, which is why I didn't. 

She has such a lovely face, and long lashes.
Detail of Snow White's Bodice and close up of the Handsome Prince        

Not all of the dolls have been released yet. Disney is releasing a set every other Tuesday, starting with the Snow White set on August 20th. The dolls are each limited to an edition of 6000. Every Disney Store gets approximately 6 dolls. In order to purchase a set, you have go to the store, and sign up to get a voucher to buy between 12:00 and 1:00. Then, right after 1:00, the employees hold a "raffle" to draw names to see who the lucky 6 are. This seems a little gimmicky to me, particularly since I went in on August 24th and was able to purchase the Snow White dolls, but the employees assured me it was to prevent any fighting over dolls (they didn't actually use the word fighting, that is my interpretation). If you work at a day job or just can't be there, a limited number of dolls are available for sale at, beginning at 12:01 AM PST. Looks like I'll be setting my alarm clock to try to get the next set, which is Rapunzel and Flynn.
The pamphlet that came with my set, describing all the rules for purchasing the dolls.

On a final note, the dolls did come with a very nice bag. It gave me that warm, consumer-y, special feeling that I had purchased something exclusive. Is it sad that I recognize the ploy here and it doesn't even bother me? Oh well, the bag is pretty.

I bought something exclusive!

One last shot of Snow White looking sweet...and is the Prince looking doubtful? Hmm.


  1. Wow! That's craziness. They are such pretty dolls though!! Hope you get them all! I have a feeling you will. :)

  2. Hello Alison!
    Recently I´ve discover the lovely shop in Etsy of your friend Diana, and she tells me about your blog, I´m from Spain and for me it´s amazing reading about Nancy in other countries, so now you have another spanish follower.

    What a wonderfull dolls you have! and I really like this Snow White edition, (Snow White was always my fav, I think because she has black hair like me hehe) she is so perfect, but here Disney Stores are small, I think we will never see something like this precious collection. Good luck with your princess doll hunting!

    Saludos desde Barcelona!


  3. Hi Vanessa,
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I'm glad Diana shared it with you :) We enjoy making friends with people all over the world who share our love of dolls.