Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spring Break!

Spring break is finally here!  I did lots of fun stuff to celebrate, but most notably, I met a new friend and her gorgeous Nancy doll.  She also made my Nancy a matching outfit, which you can see below in the picture.  The blue trim looks sooooo good with the color of Nancy's eyes.  I just love it.  It is really, really well made, and she even has a tag inside.  Please visit her Etsy Shop and check out all her custom creations.

This is the photo I submitted for the Nancy Contest.

The Famosa Folks have been running a contest for 60's themed photos of Nancy dolls.  This is the photo I submitted, with the caption, "First there was Nancy, then there was a man on the moon..." (in Spanish, of course).  You can see my little Treasure wearing the new outfit that Diana made.  Just gorgeous!  My piernas flexibles is wearing a printed dress that I hastily (and wrecklessly) stitched together, and Francie is wearing a BFC Ink dress.  The girls are supposed to be watching the moon landing on tv.  I doubt very seriously that I will win, as there are lots of good other photos, but if I do, I sure hope I can find someone in Spain to ship the prize to.  That will be Afner's job.

Before all that fun stuff happened though, Afner and I took a trip thrifting through Charlotte.  I brought Nancy along and took some fun photos.  Here they are:

Nancy, outside ImaginON.

Standing in front of a brick fountain.
Can you spot Nancy?
Me and Nancy inside the skull.

Nancy con un libro clasico.
Simplemente la mas bonita :)

I hope you've enjoyed these photos.  We certainly enjoyed taking them.  Stay tuned for news to come about new AG goodies!

4 comentarios:

maite said...

ohhhh am charmed with the first photo ,I do not deal very much the Englishman,But this photo is going to gain the contest.
is precious
At least I was giving him the prize
A kiss

Allison said...

Gracias Maite! Espero ganar el concurso, solo necesito buscar una persona para enviar la Nancy dentro de espana si gano.

Rosana said...

Pues es una foto preciosas, y ese vestido nuevo tambén me encanta!!
Te voy a pedir un favor, voy a hacer campaña de supresion de la palabra de verificación para que no sea tan largo esto de poner comentarios. Si puedes quitarla, por favor, por favor!!!
Se hace accediendo a la configuración del blog, comentarios, ¿mostrar palabra de verificación? y dándole al no!!
Gracias y besos

Cris said...

This Nancy is very hard to find, you have a jewel. Pics are great!!

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