Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Poupee Crissy avec de nouveaux vêtements


After I bought my French Crissys a few months ago, I decided I wanted to find some original clothing for them to wear.  I have been trolling French eBay ever since, and came across an outfit that I thought was originally made for Crissy.  The reason I thought this is that one of the Crissys I bought came sporting the same top when she arrived here in the States.  The top is an orange material with a large pocketbook sewn onto it.  When the new outfit arrived, it's orange was MUCH darker than the top I already had, and the lines on it were wider.  Here is a photo for comparison:
The left top is the one I originally received, the right top is the one I just purchased, along with pants.

After receiving the new outfit, I was not entirely convinced that it was, in fact, intended for Crissy.  The pants were really long and had extra-wide flare at the bottom.  If it was intended for her, I think that there is a top that goes under it.  I believe that a white body-suit type thing was made for French Crissy (I have one of them), and that maybe it was supposed to be worn under this outfit.  At any rate, I put her in the outfit, sans the body-suit underneath.

New outfit, with unmatching yellow shoes.  Ha! 

Still leaving something to be desired, I will continue my quest on French eBay until I find an outfit that is flirty, fun, and most importantly, original.

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